Learn How To Find And Write Your Authentic Voice For Clear Communications, Concise Messaging And Optimal Client Conversions

An 8-Part Webinar Series That Teaches Simple Copywriting Strategies, Techniques and Thought Sequences For Powerful, Compelling And Magnetic Marketing

Copywriting unlocks the value you offer through your business for your ideal clients. If you don’t know how to connect to the heart of your audience through the written word, the people who need you may look right past your product or service.

When marketing is lackluster, confusing or irrelevant, potential clients overlook whatever is being offered. And that means you aren’t generating the revenues you deserve.

(A by-product of this situation is when an entrepreneur internalizes this lack of business as a personal deficit and quits their business prematurely. But I digress…)

Expressing the power of the transformation that people experience as a result of your work is vital to being visible to the people who are looking for the solution you offer.

Good Copy Is Your Key To Changing The World

Your words convey more than what’s on the surface; your words express your intensity in a way that can literally be felt by to the reader – your potential client. And that is the most compelling way to create a relationship… from a deep, resonant and largely unconscious place.


Writing is how you convey the change that people experience through your work. Your authentic voice is the core of building your business. If your copy comes across as false in any way, your credibility is tainted and you will lose potential business.

Through good copywriting, you create a bridge for your potential clients to understand the transformation your work offers them. You can literally change the world one person at a time – IF they understand and are moved by your message.

Here’s how to know that learning the art and skill of copywriting can enhance your marketing efforts:

  • You don’t feel clear when you talk about what you do.
  • Other people don’t know how to describe what you do.
  • You feel hesitant to write about your offers.
  • You find it difficult to put together products or promotions.
  • You procrastinate on marketing your business.

Good copy unlocks your ability to create positive change by attracting your right clients.

This program is appropriate for you if you know it’s time to take your business to the next level. You don’t have to be a good writer already! But you do have to be ready to apply what you learn to get the most out of the teachings.

While you don’t need to have your products and services completely packaged up, it is recommended that you have at least a business direction so that you can apply what you learn in this course for maximum value.

The Art of Copywriting

There is an art to being able to convey your passion for what you do in written form, which includes everything from website copy to email promotions to articles to video scripts and more.

Copywriting is the #1 most valuable skill that you can learn to help you build your business because it’s one of the most expensive costs to outsource.

In my case, I was fortunate in that I have a natural way with words – words like me and I like them. Even so, I soon learned that I had to invest in my skills. I’ve taken copywriting courses, read books, watched successful campaigns, devoured junk mail and have studied the marketing greats for more than 15 years to learn the ‘tricks of the trade’.

Learning is a constant evolution so I’m still at it. However, I’ve seen my clients struggle with getting their message clarified – it’s painful. So I gathered the ‘best of the best’ in a powerhouse virtual course. This is the course I wish I had… and which my clients have experienced tremendous benefits from in multiple ways.

3Even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer, being able to translate your authentic voice through copywriting is what creates a compelling connection with your potential and current clients.

There are simple ways to create that connection and express the natural cadence of your message. By understanding a few key concepts and how to apply them, you’ll find that your copywriting flows and supports building your business with more clarity and confidence.

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Intro Strategies

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The Curriculum

This is a hands-on curriculum where you will be learning via self-paced pre-recorded webinars. In other words, you will learn in the timing that is most convenient for you.

And there are exercises to help you practice the teachings by copywriting afterward, as well as resources and ‘swipe’ files of successful copywriting. (Note: I recommend you make your timeframe as tight as possible to get the biggest return on your investment!) ;+)

Lesson One: Your Key Messages

  • How to construct an effective audio logo
  • Creating an engaging networking introduction
  • Tips on using word bridges to guide your conversations
  • The difference between features and the REAL benefits
  • Determining the three key benefits of your business
  • How to determine and evaluate your ideal niche market
  • Lesson Two: Your Main Marketing Message

  • The average attention span of your audience
  • Why you need the right elements of your messages in the right order
  • The 7 components of key marketing messages
  • 12 characteristics of effective and memorable marketing messages
  • The key differentiators you need to include in your writing
  • A persuasive writing technique
  • Lesson Three: The Keys to Compelling Copy

  • The 7 motivating soul needs that people want to fulfill that can supercharge your copy
  • What’s really happening in your client’s mind during the 5 stages of enrollment
  • The 9 sales your copy must make to be compelling
  • The top 25 words / phrases to use in your copy
  • How to write compelling headlines
  • Lesson Four: The Psychology of Copywriting

  • What you need to know about resistance and why people don’t want to be sold
  • How to use nature and nurture in your copywriting
  • The effect of dominant thoughts in a buying decision
  • The 4 voices of consumers, what motivates them and how to write to them
  • How to activate unconscious buying triggers
  • Whether to write for pleasure or pain
  • Formulas that will systematically draw the attention of your reader through your copy
  • Lesson Five: Conversion Points in Copywriting

  • The four legs of good copy
  • 7 things that high-end clients want to see
  • How to construct clear calls to action
  • The emotional hot buttons that incite people to take action now
  • Keys to conversion on your website through optimizing your visitor’s thought sequence
  • How to create an irresistible offer
  • Basics on the importance of keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • The reasoning behind using long vs. short copy
  • Lesson Six: Key Marketing Pieces

  • How to write an effective bio / backstory
  • What you need to know about writing blog entries and articles
  • Social media formulas for distribution success
  • Three ways to get good testimonials
  • How to write effective client success stories
  • What you need to know about video marketing descriptions
  • A template to write your press releases
  • Three subtle command techniques to use in your copy
  • Lesson Seven: Your Website

  • The 5 elements of a branding website
  • The top 7 website mistakes you can easily avoid
  • Basics on testing your copy
  • Three keys to the ‘sticky’ factor
  • Crucial elements for your website
  • How to put together your website plan
  • What you need to know about optin pages and optin incentive how-to’s
  • How to write for the most under-utilized page on your site – the thank you page
  • Keys to writing effective autoresponders
  • Website ‘flashes’ of insight that can help your clarity in writing
  • Lesson Eight: Distribution Points

  • The definition of a content distribution strategy
  • 5 areas to tweak in your copy
  • The top 7 copywriting rules that work
  • The definition and elements of an expert platform
  • 16 indicators that you have a strong platform
  • How to create your own expert platform / plan – with a sample platform
  • What spinning and repurposing content means and how to do it
  • Info that’s important if you want to hire or be a copywriter
  • Keys to critical distribution points for your content
  • A content marketing distribution template
  • CYC dashboardCatalyze Your Copy also comes with marketing formulas, templates and swipe files you can use as guides for your own copywriting to successfully market your business.

    The emphasis throughout this course is on what’s practical that you can do easily with a little practice. Even if you hire a copywriter, you need to know how to tell if you’re getting a good product in return. The idea is that you will know your value, how to market AND how to write copy by the end of this course!

    That being said, please know that you determine your actual pace of writing in this course and are not required to write anything if you don’t choose to do so.


    This is a virtual course offered by pre-recorded webinar, accompanied by Learning Guides, bonus materials and document templates over the course of eight lessons.

    I’ve seen some copywriting courses go for thousands of dollars – up to $15,000 (I know because I’ve taken some of them!). While some of them no doubt offer some great information, they don’t always offer context in order to know why you’re doing what you’re doing.

    Having formulas isn’t enough… you need to be able to identify and articulate your unique value and voice, to your ideal clients, in a variety of writing modalities (website, blogs, social media, etc.).

    That means you might need to do a deep dive into discovering your value… that goes above and beyond many copywriting courses. However, since that’s the work I do with my private VIP clients, you’re getting information on that as well in this course. So you’re not only getting copywriting best practices but also a guide on how to know what you uniquely bring to your clients and how to talk about it using powerful language to compel them to take action.

    The reason you need to explore your own value is because you don’t know what you don’t know… if you can’t verbalize your value, your clients won’t understand at all. If you don’t understand good marketing with strategy and clear intention, you will not be visible in the right places in your industry. That’s why this course teaches not only copywriting but marketing as well… because if your marketing isn’t positioned properly, even good copy can’t help.

    Oh – and this entire course, delivered virtually so you can learn at your convenience any time of the day or night, is just $997.

    You Will Get Solid Working Knowledge

    As a result of this course, you will have a working knowledge of and, ideally, the actual copy written as appropriate including:

    • Your audio logo
    • A networking introduction
    • Word bridges
    • Understand the difference between features and benefits
    • Clarity on your niche
    • The three key benefits your solution delivers
    • Your 7-step marketing message
    • The 12 characteristics of effective and memorable marketing messages
    • The 7 motivating soul needs that people want to fulfill
    • The 5 stages of enrollment
    • The 9 ‘sales’ you must make in your copywriting
    • The top 25 words / phrases to use in your copy
    Visual Vacation

    Visual Vacation… shew!

    • How to write compelling headlines
    • The 4 voices of consumers and how to write to them
    • How to create clear calls to action
    • How to optimize reader thought sequence for conversions
    • The components of an irresistible offer
    • How to identify keywords
    • How to write your bio / backstory
    • How to write blog entries and articles
    • Effective social media formulas
    • How to get and write testimonials and success stories
    (That one was just for fun…) ;+)

    (That one was just for fun…) ;+)

    • How to annotate video marketing descriptions
    • How to write press releases
    • The copy for the main pages of your website
    • The key mistakes to avoid in copywriting
    • How to consider writing an optin incentive
    • How to write thank you pages and autoresponders
    • The places to distribute and circulate your content
    • Platform-building strategies
    • How to effectively repurpose your content
    • And MORE…

    This program can pay literally for itself quickly by:

    a) attracting and retaining awesome clients, and,

    b) by saving you potentially thousands of dollars in hiring out your copywriting needs!


    Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

    I’ve taught thousands of entrepreneurs since 1998 how to expand their personal power and presence through their businesses. I know that this program will bring you amazing insights, clarity and a step-by-step blueprint that you can use to effectively communicate with and create relationships with your ideal clients.

    Here’s the thing… this program is an experience. This isn’t a quick-fix approach – it will require you to think and do things differently.

    So if you’re not sure that this is giving you a new approach to writing copy for your business, I want to know… I stand behind my work. This is a risk-free investment in your future through this program.

    Ready to begin?

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    To learn how to be seen as an expert, increase your client attraction and conversion, and create a strong position in your industry through copywriting, you need to be able to write clear and compelling copy.

    This is the only program I’ve seen that not only explains copywriting but teaches you basic marketing concepts as well… that’s because it does you no good to write copy if you don’t understand marketing. Think of it as a two-fer… (one of my clients says it’s a “three-fer” because it’s also a personal growth program around knowing your value!) ;+)

    Click the image below to register now to receive the entire program for just $997.

    It’s literally the investment that can change everything for your business. In the bigger picture of business, you need this… and I don’t know anywhere you can get this kind of quality better or for less. This is your moment of decision… how committed are you to learning how to connect more closely with your ideal clients?

     (Please note that your payment will be processed by Creative Catalyst, LLC.)

    Once you register for the program, you will be taken immediately to a registration page – that’s to get you into the dashboard for the program. You will only have to do that once… from there, you can access the entire program immediately.

    I look forward to supporting you in making word magic for your business. This is your launch pad to new beginnings for you AND the clients who are looking for you right now. And, of course, if you have any questions about or during this program, please email me! :+)

    To Your Words Changing The World ~~~


    Lynn Scheurell
    The Copy Catalyst


    In the words of my amazing clients and students…

    “Working with Lynn is a wonderful, rewarding experience. Not only does she over deliver with her knowledge and material… she also has a kind, upbeat personality; has incredible passion and is truly gifted at what she does. Using her creativity and intuitive insight, Lynn somehow manages to take my scattered ideas and information and turns them into creative and powerful copy. I could not have moved forward without her…”
    Susannah Hansen - www.LeapAndLive.com
    “Lynn is the most amazing author and writer that I’ve ever known. She has a warm personality that makes me and the clients she works with feel so comfortable. From online marketing copy to novelic prose, her ability to quickly understand and compose is unmatched. She is fast and effortless. She is very generous with her time and has a rich set of industry contacts. She understands very abstract ideas and very technical products. She is my go-to person and I’m proud of the work she has done with me and our company…”
    Chris Justice - www.Sparksight.com
    “Lynn is a catalyst in transforming one’s talents and gifts into a productive business that is both viable and sustainable in honoring those gifts and making a living. Lynn’s ‘outside the box’ thinking produces a quantum leap to reality and actualizes opportunities as never before. For those of us unsure of where our passion or gifts lay, Lynn works in inventive ways to extract and allow one to actualize them. She has been the catalyst to catapult me forward like no one else before her could…”
    Dawn Ciccone - www.InBetweenAthlete.com
    “Happy to share my experience in Catalyze Your Copy… I’ve been a spiritual teacher supporting people through deep inner transformation for decades but wasn’t making enough money to cover my expenses. I had tightened my belt to the point where I had no more room for breathing financially. During the first two weeks of the course, I took the huge step of packaging my sessions in a new series structure, which included raising my fees by about 30%. One package was now more money than I had ever asked for before, but I knew more about my messaging and had greater clarity to express the value of my work. Within a week, I had a sign-up for my new 7 session series! And that same client has paid for her son to have a ’30 minute ‘cloud breakthrough’ session, which was another outcome of this course when it became evident I needed an introductory session. Even more, if it is a fit with / for her son, she will pay for the on-going series on his behalf. Another woman decided, after an extended conversation, she wanted to schedule a single $175 session and afterwards stated her commitment to do the new 7-part series. I have two other clients who are pretty confident they will be doing the new series as well. These folks have been working with me for awhile and see the value in their upgraded commitment. I am more visible with the sangha – my confidence and magnetism I attribute to the course and to your wonderful enthusiasm. Today I’m creating a menu of choices for clients – letting them know of other options in working together. This course is so much more than mere copywriting – it’s about transformation of self and business in profound ways. I understand marketing in new ways. I’m on a roll for visibility! I’m already making more money – and the course is only three-quarters complete! I’m coming out from behind the clouds myself! Thank you Lynn!”
    Jyoti SaeUn - www.clearingClouds.com
    “Lynn, the sheer volume of super-helpful tips, links and formulas in all those study guides are a tenfold return on my investment. And your content went way beyond just writing. Great value! I appreciated the slides. They helped me keep up as we were moving fast. And thanks for taking and appreciating our questions all along the way!  Your laughter and personal stories kept me smiling and made the whole course more enjoyable. I’ll be back for more. Four thumbs up! You are a great soul!”
    Patricia West - Tuscon, AZ
    “I am so amazed at your clarity and talent…you have hit it out of the park once again! This is such valuable content and reference guide for all projects present and future as I can use it as I grow. I am a bit slow so having the audio and written form helps to review at my own pace. I appreciate all the references, links and resources you included. Thank you once again for a great job and invaluable program!”
    Barbara Bailey - Austin, TX
    “I love being able to listen and I LOVE your hand outs. You give such great content and are so well organized.  I LOVE YOUR CLASS and I love your energy and style…”
    Kathy Nelson - www.ontracksuccesscoaching.com



    If you have questions about the programs and services that I offer to support you in
    changing the world and getting paid for it,

    please call 1-760-534-4770.

    To Accelerating Your Success Through Copywriting!